Cannabis shops begging for reviews – Should you do it?

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    So far visiting different dispensaries we have seen many different approaches to gaining reviews but I can’t help but write about this since I have been so incredibly disappointed with how certain places are handling this. Let me go into below what I think are the things to bear in mind when it comes to reviewing dispensaries.

    Be Honest with your Cannabis reviews!

    This is such an integral part, don’t review the place based on the free joint they gave you for a 5 star review, this says nothing for the rest of the establishment and tells new users nothing bar you get a free joint with your (Good? Bad?) weed. I visited a large dispensary in Sukhumvit and checked online to see the facilities:

    Smoking room – check

    Knowledgeable budtenders – check

    High quality cannabis – check

    So when I arrive I expect a much better experience following seeing the reviews. I was promptly told I can not smoke at the establishment. What? They literally advertise on their social media that they have a smoking room. So there is strike one but we can live with that if they make up for it in other areas. However this was not the case, the budtender had zero knowledge on cannabis other than sativa, hybrid and indica. Once again I can usually live with this as I have the experience to inspect the weed myself but working at an establishment like this you should at least know your product and be able to come up with good recommendations.

    Onto the final thing – the weed quality. Questionable quality for 1000+ Baht per gram, old stale looking buds, tonnes of PGR and not even a whiff of terps in any of the jars – how disappointing.

    I buy the Sugar Cane at around 1000 baht and then I am directed to the cashier where I will pay. Cashier promptly tells me that if I review the place I’ll get a free joint – well, if the quality of the rest of the cannabis is anything to go by, then this free joint is gonna taste like arse. Anyway, after her asking 3 times despite i said it’s not really an honest review we made a review to see what the freebie was like that they were giving away. We opened the joint and it was half a gram of bush weed, personally if a customer is willing to drop 1000 THB + on cannabis then giving shitty weed for a review is bad practice especially since the rest of the experience was awful.

    Why giving an honest review helps other buyers

    Telling your true experience on how it was at the shop rather than being bribed into a positive review despite nothing else being on point. Here is a list of items to include in a review that will help future users with cannabis shops:

    • Weed prices – This helps users see how much they are realistically looking at paying.
    • Pictures of the buds – Gives potential new visitors a good idea of the quality of the cannabis they should expect here.
    • Do they allow smoking? A lot of places advertise smoking rooms despite not allowing it (Usually due to local laws), highlight this. Some users prefer not to smoke out on the street and prefer a private area.
    • Are the budtenders knowledgable or lazy? Are the staff welcoming apart from when asking for a review? Highlight this, as quality staff is a good reason for people to visit such spots.

    Do you have any experiences at establishments you would like us to share? Let us know at

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