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Pattaya is a city on the east coast of Thailand that has become well-known for its nightlife and vibrant atmosphere. In recent years, however, Pattaya has also become a popular destination for young professionals and creatives. The city has now been decriminalized for cannabis, and as a result, has become a hub for the country’s new cannabis industry. There are a wide variety of businesses catering to the cannabis market in Pattaya, each offering something unique. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed place to have a drink or a lively spot to enjoy some good music, you’re sure to find it in Pattaya. With its welcoming atmosphere and variety of activities, Pattaya is the perfect place to experience Thailand’s burgeoning cannabis industry.


420 Medical Cannabis Dispensary Pattaya


Aozora Buds

Aromatic Pattaya

Aurganic Cofee & Cannabis Shop

Big Bud Dispensary

Blow apple

BMC shop cannabis Pattaya

Bodega Cannabis Store

Bongsai Shop: Medical Cannabis Dispensary (Weed)



Cannabis Lounge Blow Thailand Crypto Station

Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Community Cannabis

Dank Buds Pattaya

DANQ PATTAYA Cannabis Dispensary

Diodora Blow Thailand & Cannabis House Lounge Club

Exotics 420 Pattaya – Cannabis Café & Bar

God’s Gift Cafe Pattaya

Grasshopper Collective Pattaya marijuana weed

Green lounge



High Speed 420 Jomtien Weed Shop & Medical Cannabis Dispensary

HQC-high quality cannabis pattaya[Weed dispensary]

Jacky Lee land

Jod Mars Cannabis Cafe

Kahna Queen Pattaya

Kingdom Kannabis

Kowloon Dispensary Cannabis Weed


Nuggs Premium Cannabis

Pattaya Cannabis Club

Pink Avenue

Pirate Island cafe bar and art

Pot Hole Cafe Bar & Dispensary

Pot Hole Cafe Bar Dispensary

Premium cannabis “High Standard”. “Don’t panic, it’s Organic”

Queen of Marijuana Shop

Sayhigh Cannabis Shop

Smoky bar. Pattaya (Weed Dispensary/Cannabis shop)

Sudyod Ganja & Lobby Lounge


SUPWEEZ Cannabis Dispensary

The Budtender – Ganja Dispensary

The Budtender – Tree Town Market Pattaya Ganja/Weed Dispensary

The Green on 3rd

The Old Weed Man

The Old Weed Man

Up In Smoke Cannabis Dispensary

Vibes Cannabis Store

Weed Shop One

WICHAI PAIPAR SHOP | Cannabis Ganja(Weed) Cafe & Dispensary

Zaza Medical Pattaya (Premium Cannabis Dispensary)


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