Different Training techniques used by cannabis growers

Indoor growers have a ton of techniques for increasing cannabis yields, including LSTing (Low Stress Training), topping/FIMing and more. These tactics are all developed by different breeders over time to increase their yield in an indoor environment where there is no natural light compared with outdoor growing methods – which can be difficult on plant growth. It’s tough remembering what name goes where when you’re trying out new things so we’re going break it down simple here.

Flowering marijuana plants, grown indoors.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there is one part of plant training that all growers use: making sure to train your plants so they grow flat and wide. This helps ensure each main bud gets plenty light which leads in turn towards bigger yields!

Marijuana Plant Training Techniques can be done with many different methods but most include trying out various ways until finding what works best for their situation at hand – this way we have variety to our techniques instead of just being limited to ones specific idea.

When growing marijuana, you want the plant to grow many bud sites in a wide and flat shape. There are several ways for achieving this goal so they can develop into beautiful flowers!

Too many colas and they will start to lose their personal space. You’ll get optimum yields by making sure every plant has some room for bud growth, around 2-3 inches (5 – 8 cm). other than that try filling up any empty spots under your light with additional plants so there’s no wasted energy or product.

The best way to get long, strong colas is by following these simple steps. You will be able create beautiful plants with lots of buds and an incredible harvest! here we have stated the methods which a short intro. For full information follow the links below to get more in depth guides for your training techniques.

What is low-stress training?

Low-stress training is when cannabis growers can take advantage of the available space and light by manipulating plant growth. The natural formation that tends to occur in apical dominance which means there’s often a single bud on top with all nutrients rather as opposed to the lateral branches receiving much less energy.

The goal of LST is to make the plant flatten out at its canopy, providing more even access for light and thriving sites. This constriction allows the sugars & growth hormone auxin distribute evenly throughout your grow area as well making larger yields from multiple buds because they receive light shade-free!

During the vegetative phase cannabis plants are still pliable and can be grown in a circular pattern rather than straight up. As it enters into its flowering stage with healthy colas that sprout from sideways-growing bud sites.

LST is a gentle form of training that allows plants to adjust and grow more rapidly. For those unwilling or unfamiliar with high-stress techniques, low stress methods are an option for little risk involved in their practice; this kind can be used on any strain as long as it responds favorably towards the training.

LST is a great way to maximize your grow space and get the most out of every plant. It’s used on both indoor or outdoor plants – not just those that are grown indoors.

What is FIMing?

FIMing is a type of trimming that can be done to cannabis plants during their growth stage. This process helps increase the amount and value-to concentration in certain compounds, making it more potent than before FIMing was applied. FIMing is an acronym for “Fuck I missed”.

FIMing is a technique that encourages the growth of cannabis plants in uniformity and height. It works by cutting off branches from mature tops, which results with more even-aged leaves throughout its surface area – creating two headed rather than single heads.

It can be performed by pinching off new shoots or using sharp tools like knives and pruners. Gloves should be worn on your hands for infection control purposes and make sure they are sterile- which means no germs getting into the plant during this process!

What is SCROG?

Using the screen of green technique, often referred to as SCROG, is an indoor growing method that maximizes yields and reduces energy use/waste by controlling plant growth in a low cost manner.

The Sea of Green technique is a simple way to cover large spaces with short plants. However, the SCROG method employs grids, metal or plastic screens or netting that allow for growth and provide support as well so your big juicy buds don’t fall over.

The SCROG method, a type of assisted training that requires growers to tie plants down in their grow rooms rather than use screens. It’s popular with cannabis farmers because it produces bigger yields and stronger flowers while still being easy on the plant itself due its decreased stress from rapid growth hormone production during veg/flower cycles.

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