Cannabis Qualities in Thailand – Exotic, Top Shelf, High Grade and Mid Grade with Pictures

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    Cannabis is a unique plant with many different qualities. There are strains that are high in THC and produce a strong psychoactive effect, while other strains are low in THC and have little to no psychoactive effect. Then there are strains that fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

    How is cannabis graded in Thailand

    Thailand cannabis dispensaries have taken up a grading system for the quality of the cannabis for users. In this article we will explain the difference between each of the grades and what you should look to expect to pay.

    Exotic Grade Cannabis

    Exotic grade cannabis in marijuana dispensaries in Thailand is the best quality grade cannabis you can purchase. You can expect these exotics to have some of the best genetics, tightest trim job, strong smell (Often sweet) and some of the most potent THC effects.

    Exotic cannabis is often used as a marketing tool to classify unfamiliar but potent strains with colorful trichomes and high THC counts. The name suggests origins in the tropics or Middle East, though it can just be an indication of potency for those who deal marijuana without knowing their true genealogy- this way they are able distinguish between different types when browsing through suppliers’ offerings

    Fruity sativas are common features on these “exotics” because fruit flavors tend not only make people more interested visually but also alter moods slightly causing relaxation, elation, and happiness.

    For this grade you can expect to pay upwards of 800THB per gram, in our experience we think it is very viable to get exotic grade cannabis for 800THB and paying more is overpriced unless its a really special strain.

    Price for Exotic Grade Cannabis in Thailand – 800THB + per gram

    Top Shelf Grade Cannabis

    Top Shelf Grade Cannabis is a lower grade than its older sisters in the exotics category. With top shelf weed in Thailand you can still expect very good quality grade cannabis with high THC levels , tight trim job and strong smell. However, the buds will not be as dense, frosty or generally as appealing to look at as the exotic grade cannabis however this is to be expected as from a price point it will indeed be cheaper. Top shelf is mostly, like exotics, grown indoors in a controlled environment.

    Price for Top Shelf Grade Cannabis in Thailand – 600-799THB per gram

    High Grade Cannabis

    High Grade Cannabis in Thailand dispensaries is considered to be a notch in quality below the top shelf. You will still find potent starins in this category but as the proce lowers toy can expect to have more common genetics. High grade is still mainly grown indoors in Thailand due to the blistering heat however there are many talented outdoor growers who are able to produce this quality of cannabis.

    Price for High Grade Cannabis in Thailand – 400-599THB per gram

    Mid Grade Cannabis

    Mid Grade Cannabis is used to describe weed of a lesser quality than its predecessors in the list. Mid Grade Cannabis in Thailand is often either grown outdoors or using genetics which would not be too expensive. But fear not the weed in this category, in the dispensaries in Thailand you can get some really good weed in this price point. Some locally grown Thai sativas are often found lingering in this category.

    Price for mid grade Cannabis in Thailand – 200-399 per gram

    Of course it is possible to get good weed at any of the price points above and we would strongly recommend trying the different flavours and the different grades that are on offer.


    The article discusses the grading system used in Thailand cannabis dispensaries to classify the quality of cannabis based on their genetics, appearance, smell, and potency. The highest quality grade is Exotic Grade Cannabis, followed by Top Shelf Grade Cannabis, High Grade Cannabis, and Mid Grade Cannabis. Exotic Grade Cannabis has the best genetics, strongest smell, and highest THC levels, and is the most expensive at 800THB or more per gram. Top Shelf Grade Cannabis is a lower grade but still has high THC levels and tight trim job. High Grade Cannabis is a notch below Top Shelf, and Mid Grade Cannabis is the lowest quality grade but can still offer good weed at a lower price point.

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