How to check the quality of Cannabis

If you want to know how you can check the quality of your marijuana and make sure that you’re buying the best buds available, then read on.

Personal preferences are the main deciding factor when it comes to selecting cannabis. But there’s some advice that can help you find your perfect product, such as looking out for certain traits in plants and weed species – like THC potency or flavor profile!

It’s similar to choosing which vegetables or fruits are the best and the most delicious at the supermarket, or maybe even more accurate, which flowers at your local florists are the best.

You want your cannabis to smell great, taste delicious and look beautiful. You also want to avoid any negative effects, like mould, mildew or insects.

Cannabis Bud

The Look of your Cannabis

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing marijuana is if there are any seeds or stems in your weed. If these items have been included, then you’ll want them separated out before crumbling up all those potent buds for smoking because they will cause unpleasant smells and tastes that can damage some papers – not just take away from its effectiveness but also add weight which might make it hard to burn evenly throughout an entire bowl!

The colouration of your buds is just as important to you and I want them green. Brown isn’t a good sign, there might be other colors like purple or red but overall they should still have that healthy sheen from being exposed too light so don’t think those will do because THC crystals grow in clear shades only-you can see their true color once it’s dry confront directly with direct sunlight.

The crystals found in marijuana are called trichomes. These are the glands that contain the THC. The more crystals you see, then the higher quality the weed is. If you see clear crystals, then the weed is still developing. The more crystals you get, the stronger the weed will be.

The Stickiness Of Your Weed

The THC crystal should feel sticky to the point of being tacky. If the bud feels dry and brittle, then it may be low quality.

If buds crumble too easily and turn to dust, they’re probably of poor quality or have been dried out too much.

Smell Of Your Bud

The best cannabis has a smell that’s so powerful it can be detected in an entire room, and even before you enter. The most fragrant strains often pack quite the punch too!

If the bud smells like citrus, pine, fruit or even diesel, it means that it has a good aroma and will give you a great high. If it smells earthy or has a kind of body odor to it, it is probably good cannabis.

A good smell is usually the first indicator of whether the cannabis is going to taste good.

If you smell moldy or musty odors, that means your bud is old or improperly cured. Moldy or musty smelling weed will likely be stale and won’t taste great. You should also avoid buying weed that smells like hay or other vegetation. Hay and vegetation are often found in marijuana plants that have been exposed to pesticides or herbicides. These chemicals can cause the plant to produce mold or mildew.

Density Of Your Cannabis

The buds must be dry and cured before you press them. If they feel hard and compacted, they may not have been dried and cured properly. You can test if they are ready by pressing them with your fingers.

The weed might have been compacted during transport; this affects both taste and combustion. Tearing up the package to get at it is very difficult when rolling a joint, which means you’ll need more self-control than usual if lighting your blunt or smoke session start off correctly!

Moisture Levels Of Your Bud

The humidity level of your smoke is just as important to taste and consistency. If you dry out cannabis too much, then there won’t be any THC or CBD left in the buds; they’ll also start molding within their bags if not properly conserved before packaging!

Another negative effect of high humidity levels is that the buds dry out quicker. This means that you will get less bud per gram than you would normally expect. If you buy by weight, you will also end up paying for the weight that will have to evaporate before you can consume it. This means that it will take longer until your weed is ready to smoke and you will end up getting less weed per gram than you would usually expect.


When smoking or vaping cannabis, the first thing you notice is the smell. It is important to note that the smell of cannabis does not always mean that the product is high quality. Some strains of cannabis have a very strong smell, while others have a milder aroma. When looking at the buds, you should also pay attention to the colour. A dark green bud means that the plant has grown well and produced a lot of THC. A lighter green bud indicates that the plant has not had enough time to grow properly

If you’re going to buy marijuana, you should definitely smell and feel it before you buy it. But if you have the chance, tasting it first will give you a much clearer idea of what you’re buying.


The plant’s impact on people can be both beneficial and negative. While some find the psychoactive effects of cannabis to be relaxing, others are turned off by its smell or taste in their marijuana which makes them feel unwell when using it . You should definitely experiment with different types before deciding what kind suits your needs best!

If you see a lot of cloudy THC crystal formations on the trichomes, then this particular strain of cannabis may be producing a high concentration of cannabinoids, which means that it could have a strong psychoactive effect.

However, the effect may not be the desired effect. If you’re looking for a drug to relax you and ends up delivering a stimulant effect, you might end unhappy with your purchase.

You should always try to get the best quality product possible. If you’re looking for a specific effect, then you should try to find a strain that will give you that effect. You should also consider the price and quantity available.

The best way to decide is to look at test data coming from an external lab. These results can help visualize and understand the different characteristics of each strain and what effects and flavor profiles they have.

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